Thursday, February 19, 2009

let me hear your balalaikas ringing out...

while browsing through my last post, i noticed the fact that i wrote the word area way too many times.

in other news, i developed a fresh roll of film from the trusty fisheye this afternoon. initially i was kind of displeased because a number of the shots were too dark to be used at all, but then when i got them home i was a bit happier. if you ever get the chance to take some photos with a lomo camera of any kind, i highly recommend it. very fun.

so i believe, now that my digital is going to be fixed for free (thanks, Canon!), i'm going to start the infamous project 365. once the digi comes back, it's game on. i guess the goal is to ultimately implement the philosophy into your life in a broader sense - so hopefully all things bloom.

i've got 2 asides today. one is that i've been particularly enamored with back in the u.s.s.r. lately, and today when i opened youtube, i was presented with this little gem - from the movie heartbreakers - in my recommended section.

the second aside is to say that it's impossible to be creative without inspiration, and i'm going to start using this as a space to promote other creative people i know. recently i had a talk with my friend clayton about his new business card. he got a pretty cool one done, and in light of my most recent business trip to halifax, where we got to see the facilities of bounty print, i've been inspired to design my own and get a bunch printed.

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Meaghan said...

ha. i've seen that movie and totally didn't remember that clip.

project 365 claims another victim, huh? seriously, you'll have fun, even if it drives you crazy every once in a while.

i've got serious lomo lust over here. love the fisheye shots.