Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i never was much good with these things. most of it stems from the ability to keep them up to date, falling behind due to lack of interesting content, disinterest in the website from which the blog sprang (read: myspace, livejournal), or just plain laziness.
i've had a blogger account for about as long as i can remember, basically as soon as i knew what it was, i said 'cool!' and signed up. in the beginning, that thing was updated more frequently than the weather on your local radio station, letting the anywhere from zero to ten readers in on every little thing. nowadays, it's reserved for weekend recaps, momentous occasions, and occasional rambling (read: today).
i fully intend for this incarnation to be about 50% photoblog, and, as this is only my second post, and the first one contained pictures and talk thereof, i'm meeting my goals.
now a second priority will be to keep it short, so people (readers, but mostly myself, as writer) don't get bored with the content.
i had the delight of catching Modern Boys, Modern Girls this past weekend at Sneaky Dee's, as a part of CMW (Canadian music week). these folks put on a fantastic show. talented all around, full of energy, chemistry and sweat, all of those things that make a rock show great.
there are many more exciting things to tell and details to fill in, but i'll save that for next time. sooner, i promise.