Tuesday, May 8, 2007

part i. tuesday.

since i'm at work right now, i can't really access my own photos for display here (i know i could, but i don't want to risk a remote login while at work), so i thought today i'd pass along a great photoblog that my sister passed along to me a while ago, but i've only delved into quite recently.

the guy's name is Sam, and you may already know him, but for those who don't, he's the creative whiz behind DDOI, otherwise known as Daily Dose of Imagery.
Sam lives and does most of his shooting here in Toronto, which greatly enthused me, since i'm somewhat new to the city, but i've seen quite a bit of it. his photography presents some new and quite unique perspectives on landmarks and scenery that i've seen about the city.
just this past saturday, i passed the phone booth from his photo crime scene in blue, on my way to rotate this to pick up some concert tickets.

part ii. wednesday.

so i wrote all of that yesterday, and saved it as a draft with the intention of adding some of my own photos at home last night, but that never happened. a recent and sudden addiction to HBO's Entourage, my guitar, and some very worthwhile conversation kept me occupied for the bulk of the evening.

today, i hope to post actually post a few pictures when i get home, as well as getting some more taken. it's good stress relief, which is much needed after the day i had yesterday, and the general drama of the past month or so.