Tuesday, April 24, 2007

no more fenceposts, no more brooks, just a big city and all its nooks.

This is an old photo. I'm fairly sure that it was taken on Christmas day, as that's the only time I ever remember being to the Oakville GoTrain station, and that is surely where the photo was taken.
I (sheepishly) haven't been using my cameras nearly enough, as I mentioned last time, but I also mentioned that I'm not a huge fan of winter photography (my own, anyway).

So now what? Winter is (as far as I can tell) over, and I no longer have any excuses. I'm even considering getting a larger format camera, maybe something that shoots 120mm like the Holga, but I also feel an obligation to buy a real SLR and test my mettle as the amateur photographer I fancy myself to be.

As I also mentioned earlier, things are changing a lot. New friends are moving to town, and I'm reconnecting with old friends that have been misplaced (not lost) due to scheduling/new jobs/whatever. This is great.

I've also been in a bit more consistent contact with my family (read: my mom and my sister), and that's been so good, especially right now. My sister is back home for the first time in a long time, and she seems to be really blossoming creatively, a side which (as we discussed) I've seen for a long time, but was never really nurtured until now. I'm happy that she's trying out new things, and even happier that she's got a knack for pretty much everything she tries.

The trip home this summer is going to be a myriad of loveliness. Between camping on the shore, the long missed friends and family, and the escape from the city will be much needed by the time it rolls around (as if it's not needed right now).

This is where I say goodnight. I can feel the coherence trail off as I continue, so this is the end.
Til next time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

top 5 activities of the past few months are as follows (in no particular order):

-playing and writing music w/ justine
-NES, SNES and SEGA games, emulated of course (however, at a store down the street i could purchase all 3 systems for a mere sixty dollars)
-reading douglas coupland novels (jPod and Hey Nostradamus! done, in the middle of Microserfs now. so many to go)
-drinking (good, mostly local) beer
-re-evaluation of life, love, and everything related

in addition to the aforementioned, i also landed a new job on march the 12th, got to see my mother for the easter long weekend (during which i retreated to st. catharines/niagara, didn't touch a computer or a phone for 4 days, glorious, and acquired a taste for the local cabernet merlot), and am heavily anticipating warm weather and a long trip home in the summer.

sometimes i feel that the above list needs to grow so that my activities are no longer so limited that they can be confined to a top 5, but at the same time, what's wrong with doing the things that you enjoy?
maybe expansion to a top 10? i can definitely think of a few things that have fallen by the wayside, my cameras being two of them (partially because i don't really enjoy taking pictures in the winter that often). the film in my camera will be developed this week, making way for the roll of slide film that's been sitting in my fridge. hello colour.